Heart and Soul

There is an epidemic taking place: people with mental health and substance abuse issues are dying decades younger than the average population.

Heart and Soul: A Film Promoting Whole Body Wellness in Behavioral Health explores and profiles people in recovery – transforming their lives by engaging in healthy lifestyle choices.

This 20 minute DVD is now available for $19.95 plus shipping and handling.

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Rockland Independent Living Center (RILC) promotes the Independent Living Philosophy of CONSUMER empowerment and control in all areas of life: residential, educational, vocational and social/community involvement. RILC believes that education about and awareness of disability issues are powerful catalysts for change in our community.

Ted WilliamsTed “The Golden Voice” Williams is an American voice-over artist who is in recovery after nearly two decades of untreated mental illness, drug abuse and homelessness. He gained immediate worldwide attention in 2011 after a viral YouTube video. Ted leads a not-for-profit organization, The Ted Williams Project, which raises money to provide necessities for homeless shelters.

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