Dr. Saad Saad: Head Trauma

As a pediatric surgeon, Dr. Saad Saad gets many questions from parents concerning their children’s health. One area, in particular, is head injuries from participating in full contact sports. They wonder what the appropriate steps are to take if their child ends up with a head injury. There is enough medical evidence to point out…Read More

Roseann Bennett: Canine Therapy

  She has over a decade of experience when it comes to marriages and helping families work out their issues. Now, Roseann Bennett a well-known therapist in New Jersey is looking to use dogs to help those struggling with their emotional setbacks. She is familiar with areas such as psychology, counseling and therapy. Her overall…Read More

Interesting Facts And Accomplishments Of JD.com

  JD.com, also known as Jingdong, is a tech-driven e-commerce platform that has taken the lead in China’s retail network. Its ability to maintain a high profile throughout the years got it into the limelight. The retail infrastructure has received the honor of being ranked top among other reputable global companies. Jingdong is on the…Read More

Jason Hope: Entrepreneur Turned Mentor

Both wildly insightful and exceptionally successful, Jason Hope is is a multifaceted businessman of strong convictions. As a forward-thinking entrepreneur, Hope is excited about the growing pervasiveness of technology. More specifically, IoT, which is better known as the Internet of Things. In the hopes of encouraging businesspeople to modernize their operations and revolutionize their approaches,…Read More

Jeunesse Global: Natural Cellular Functions

Free radicals, oxidative stress, sedentary activity, processed diets — yep, that’s our world today. Is it actually harming folks? Indeed. Is anyone doing anything about it? Absolutely. Meet Jeunesse Global: the “for the people, by the people” company that aims to bring the world back down to earth. The company isn’t run by magic, but…Read More

Anthony Constantinou

  Anthony Constantinou is an Assistant Professor at Queen Mary University of London and the head of the Bayesian Artificial Intelligence Research lab at the same university. The London based assistant professor obtained his PhD in Bayesian Networks from Queen Mary University of London after Graduating from the University of Hertfordshire with an MSc in…Read More

Paul Herdsman & NICE Global Are Passing On Their Business Knowledge

  Paul Herdsman knows how to run a business. In fact, the company he co-founded, NICE Global, is in the business of helping other companies run their business. Over the years, Paul has gained an incredible amount of knowledge about the micro and macro of running a large & successful corporate business. One specific area…Read More