Alex Pall, Intonations And Existence

The Chainsmokers is an ever changing and constantly adapting work of art comprised of renown Alex Pall and Andrew Taggart. The two are always looking to innovate the next new compositional work or the surrounding qualities of that compositional script, yet they are more keen to begin studying the works of other DJ producers to realize the formula for going at a consistent set of songs when it comes down to the structures of their soon to be released albums. Both the duo shared common and sacred values when it came down to how their approach to music would turn out to become.

The main thing they go after is that their musical writings must not just be unique to the audience and people who happen to be listening to them but also to themselves. For their area of expertise it is best to strive after perfectionism, because that’s when all the hidden potentialities start to unravel themselves. When all those possibilities begin to reveal themselves, the audience will start to take note of that.

Alex Pall and Andrew Taggart have realized soon in their journey that the introspection that is experienced when listening to their music far outweighs just the music itself, no matter how well invented the articulation is. Because of this fact of human nature, they want to start tapping into that sort of appeal into the human psyche.

This will continue to carry them to new regions of brilliance and the fans will thank them for it as well. Interwoven in the process of making their music, Alex Pall and Andrew Taggart are not just building sonic creations of beauty, but they are also simultaneously forming their place in the world in such a way that it begins to shape their identity as artistic individuals, poets, and psalmists.