Businessman Roberto Santiago: Bringing Brazil Cutting-Edge Entertainment And Economic Opportunity

Entrepreneur extraordinaire Roberto Santiago is the owner of Brazil’s popular Manaira Shopping Mall. The mall has just about anything people want in terms of food, entertainment and other desired items. But owning and operating Brazil’s best and largest mall isn’t all Santiago has done in Brazil. He was also a popular blogger and created a…Read More

How Fabletics Uses Client Feedback to Market Products

Fabletics has reported an impressive growth over the three years it has been in existence. The fashion firm concentrates on delivering aspirational and convenient brands that match the client preference. Activewear movement is using subscription mechanism to sell clothing.   Distinctive Features   Quality and price of goods have historically defined high-value commodities. The recent…Read More

Sussex Health Care Residential And Day Care Programs With Unique Care Plans For The Client

Sussex Health Care is a residential and day care independent program that provides high-quality care for older adults and adults with both physical and mental issues including neurological disabilities. The healthcare company provides care for patients with Alzheimer’s Disease, neurological disability due to brain injury, and other delicate brain conditions including dementia. They provide care…Read More

Has Securus Technologies Changed Service Delivery in the Correctional Facilities?

There was a time that there was a national outcry about exaggerated calling rates to the correctional facilities. These rates were costing families thousands of dollars every month. However, when companies such as Securus got into the scene, sanity was restored. The company has single-handedly ended the exploitation which was part of the service delivery…Read More

Former OCC Professor Shows the True Spirit of What it Means to be Part of the Pirate Family

Orange Coast College is a close-knit family of faculty, current students and alumni. This sense of unity was exemplified recently, by a $1 million donation graciously given a 91-year old retired OCC professor. In July, former English and Spanish professor Mary McChesney gifted the substantial monies in honor of her late partner, Adelyn Bonin. Bonin…Read More