OSI Industries Celebrates 100 years in Food Processing Innovation

OSI Industries, the best leading processing firm internationally has managed to thrive in business for a century now. The business was started by Arthur and Harry Kolschowsky brothers in Chicago in 1909. Despite that OSI started as a small business enterprise, over the years, it has emerged to be the most significant corporate firm that…Read More

The Chainsmokers: Creating Art

A blank canvas dauntingly awaits the artist. Using lyrics like paint, their heart and soul a steady hand and brush, and pop/EDM/RnB melodies as a palette; The Chainsmokers began to create a picture of the relentless struggle between material temptation and staying true to yourself. Released April 20, as the fourth single preluding their up…Read More

Dr. Jennifer Walden &The Medical-Aesthetics Revolution

Medical aesthetics is big time business around the world. This particular industry generates billions of dollars on an annual basis. Medical aesthetics can be used to improve your appearance for vanity reasons, and it can be used to help people who have dealt with a harsh physical accidents. Have you ever heard of a woman…Read More

Lawrence Bender Talks About Kill Bill: Vol. 1

When I saw Kill Bill: Vol. 1 (2003), I was thinking, wow, “these people did it right”. It was what I had come to expect from Lawrence Bender. However, I did not think it would work so profoundly in a movie suited for the pages of a comic book. Yes, Thurman, Liu, Carradine, Hannah, and…Read More

Alex Pall, Intonations And Existence

The Chainsmokers is an ever changing and constantly adapting work of art comprised of renown Alex Pall and Andrew Taggart. The two are always looking to innovate the next new compositional work or the surrounding qualities of that compositional script, yet they are more keen to begin studying the works of other DJ producers to…Read More

James Larkin Goes to America

James Larkin was an Irish Social Activist who is known for his organizing multiple workers union for the effort of eradicating poverty and bringing solidarity to the workers of Dublin and beyond. After James Larkin’s combat with the Dublin business tycoon William Martin Murphy, James Larkin walked away from the fight defeated but left for…Read More