Businessman Roberto Santiago: Bringing Brazil Cutting-Edge Entertainment And Economic Opportunity

Entrepreneur extraordinaire Roberto Santiago is the owner of Brazil’s popular Manaira Shopping Mall. The mall has just about anything people want in terms of food, entertainment and other desired items. But owning and operating Brazil’s best and largest mall isn’t all Santiago has done in Brazil. He was also a popular blogger and created a successful cardboard box company that made adorable, intricate figures that was very popular with tourists. However, the two malls he has built have transformed little Joao Pessoa into a major social and economic center in Brazil.


A native of Joao Pessoa, Brazil, Robert Santiago attended both Pio X-Marist College and the University Center of Joao Pessoa and has a business administration degree. Since graduating, he has honed his business management skills by working at a small cafĂ© in Santa Rosa and building a cardboard box company. His work as a writer and video producer also made him popular with the public. But, building Manaira and Mangeira shopping malls has taken Roberto Santiago’s popularity to an entirely new level. Many people consider him to be the owner of Brazil’s best business.


Since opening in 1989, each month the 92,000 square meter Manaira Shopping Mall gets more than 1.6 million visitors. The place is spectacular and has everything tweens, teens, young adults and older people want. There are over 300 stores selling clothing, furniture, shoes, jewelry, electronics, sports equipment and anything else people want and need. The food court is huge and has an amazing collection of fine dining restaurants, Brazilian delicacies and fast food options. The mall also has bars, hotels, 11 cutting-edge movie theatres, hundreds of the best, most exciting video games, a bowling alley, a gym, a school, a financial institution and more.


One of the most popular places in Roberto Santiago’s Manaira Shopping Mall is the two story rooftop party spot called Domus Hall. Opened in 2009, the air conditioned, soundproof facility has a state-of-the-art sound system, seats 4,000 and can hold as many as 10,000 people or more. Domus Hall has been the site of major theatrical performances, art exhibits, fairs, huge cultural festivals, weddings and graduations. Some of Brazil’s biggest live concerts featuring the country’s top artists as well as superstars from all over the world have been held there. It’s Brazil’s top entertainment venue.


Roberto Santiago is a visionary entrepreneur. He has created a number of very successful businesses. After Manaira Mall did so well, in 2013 he opened Mangeira Shopping Mall. This has helped to improve shopping, entertainment and economic options for people in Brazil. The innovative business activities of Roberto Santiago is having a positive impact on the quality of life for a growing number of Brazilians today.