Kate Hudson’s Fabletics Chipping Away at Amazons Lead

Amazon has been sitting way atop the fashion e-commerce market for many years, so much so that the thousands of other clothing sellers in that niche have to scratch and claw for the rest of the available customers. One clothing retailer has been pulling away from the pack and chipping away at that huge lead Amazon has. Kate Hudson’s Fabletics is starting to make a real name for themselves, have already sold $250 million in women’s active-wear in just under three short years.


If you want to know the secrets behind this athleisure brand, you have to ask Hudson herself why. She will tell you that in basic terms, all the credit goes to reverse showrooming and her membership package. These aren’t two sales processes that are unheard of, many clothing companies use them in one form or another. What Kate Hudson’s Fabletics is doing is unique, just drive to the mall and look inside their retail stores. The customers in the Fabletics store are window-shopping for the latest in yoga pants, trying on all the tank tops and leggings in the store, and some are taking the lifestyle quiz to boost their membership perks.


Dominating the fashion e-commerce market takes a steady flow of sales over the years, as your customer base continues to grow year to year. Kate Hudson’s Fabletics has found a way to get their customer excited about the buying process. Each time one of the customers is in that retail store trying on the workout apparel, the item is also instantly moved to their online account and placed in the cart. What this does is allow these customers to return to where they stopped shopping at the mall, and basically continue on at the larger online inventory. Without any reservations about the pieces of active-wear fitting, they go impulse shopping in record numbers.


The membership perks for staying a loyal Kate Hudson’s Fabletics customer include discounts on active-wear in the stores, free online shipping deals, and help from your personal shopping assistant. Your assistant picks an item the first of the month based on your quiz answers, further enhancing the shopping experience. This is just a few of the ways the reward system is turning new shoppers in to long-term and very loyal customers at Kate Hudson’s Fabletics. Amazon may still have a lead in this market, but it might not be for much longer.

Brown Modeling Agency: Your Gateway To An Exciting Fashion, Commercial Or Theatrical Career

“Go big, or go home.”

That’s how it’s done in the great state of Texas, and when it comes to modeling representatives, Brown Agency is a true leader in the search for the industry’s finest faces and bodies.

The well-regarded agency re-launched in 2015 as Texas’ two mighty talent brands teamed together. Wilhelmina Austin acquired Heyman Talent-South, and the rest, as they say, is history.

Brown Agency has all the key bases covered with their headquarters in Austin, a location in Dallas and strong presence in Los Angeles. Fashion, commercial, print, television or film, the company develops and refines a model’s career in all aspects of the media.

With the extreme popularity of the internet, digital scouting is a way for new talent to get noticed and signed on. Models and actors can also send submissions via Brown Agency’s website. One does not need professional photographs because if a model or actor has the “it” factor, the agency’s talent scouts will see “it” and sign the person on.

Of course, for runway modeling and high fashion work, there are some prerequisites other than being slender. Brown Agency is looking for females 5’8″ to 5’11” and males 5’11’ to 6’2″.

Unfortunately, not every modeling or scouting agency is reputable or safe these days. Brown Agency takes great pride in promoting respect and core ethics in the aspect of full-service model management and keeping everything on the straight and narrow. Their professional integrity has served the company well for some 40 years now, and Brown Agency is revered worldwide.

According to Market Wired, these exceptional scouts deliver as Brown Agency models and actors appear in numerous advertising campaigns, runway work, TV, catalog, film, at trade shows, corporate venues, conventions and much more. Some of the giant brands and events Brown Agency models have graced include New York Fashion Week, Miami Swin Week, Toyota, L’Oreal, Dell, Louis Vuitton and Van Heusen.

The modeling agency represents women, men and children and prepares them for a high level of excellence at a larger market plateau.

Justin Brown is at the helm of Brown Agency as its CEO and president.

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Fabletics Is A Highly Unique Clothing Store With Amazing Variety to Select From.

Fabletics is a popular company that was created by Kate Hudson in 2013, along with Adam Goldenberg and Don Ressler. The company is famously known for their strong position in the emerging clothing category called “activewear.” Similar to the speed with which the Amazon website store has gained practically a 20% control over the influence of the online retailer clothing market, Fabletics has emerged to become a $250 million company in just about a three year time frame. The clothing company makes use of a member oriented program that delivers extraordinary and inspirational fashion garments online, and at their physical outlets.


Generally, the consumer has the false belief that when an item is more expensive that it is an indicator of higher quality for the item. The truth is, that is simply not a realistic expectation in the modern world. A sharp change in the market pushed consumers to find items with positive reviews, exclusive designs, and for organizations that are making sure that the buyer is actually happy with their item, all the while spending less money.


Quite a few physical stores have been shutting down. This is mainly because the potential consumer goes inside the physical stores to peruse the items, but instead heads online to obtain the product from a different company, often for less money. Fabletics, however, has not experienced this type of decline in sales. Fabletics employs an online member plan, which maintains a high quantity of members, who attest that the products offered are worth buying. Member assessment of the items is imperative for convincing potential consumers to enter the physical department stores and purchase directly from Fabletics. Consumer data confirms that 50% of the buyers who visit the physical departments are members of Fabletic’s website membership program, and 25% of the potential buyers in the physical department stores become actual members, solely from their browsing there.


Fabletics makes use of consumer data to discern what customers are interested in buying from their website algorithm to gather an understanding for what potential buyers are desiring to purchase. When a member looks at an item on their website, this member data is shared with physical stores to ensure that they are carrying those same items that the member data dictates customers online are interested in. This enables the physical departments to easily swap out items on display, and to stay up to date with the customer’s interest in fashion. Current technological advances are also employed, such as data relayed from “heat maps” and social media events online, to illustrate which physical store locations are actively of interest shoppers.


Many retailers have discovered that becoming a true competitor with internet based retailers the likes of Amazon is an arduous and difficult task for the majority of online merchants. Fabletics easily rises to this challenge by offering only the most distinctive products, applying avant-garde methods, member data, and using ROI data, or Return on Investment data, to scale their stores.

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