Roberto Santiago-Joao Pessoa’s Finest

For the fans of literature, the name Roberto Santiago is not strange at all. He was born in 1968 in Madrid Spain. Santiago is both a director and a writer eminently known for The “Reaping” (2014), “El Club de Lois suicidas” (2007) and “El penalty mas largo del mundo.” Roberto is a man of many achievements in almost all fields of life, as this piece explores.

Roberto Santiago’s Academic achievements

Roberto Santiago has risen to dominate both intellectual and business circles. He went to The School of Letters in Madrid where he studied Literary Creation. Santiago later went on to join Universidad Complutense de Madrid, where he enrolled in Faculty of Communication Sciences. It was from these two universities that he furthered his talent of creativity. His greatest creations include Los “Futbolismos- where he has put together football and crafty novels, a TV series known as the “Syndrome of Ulysses for Antena 3,” and Ana (Editorial Planeta) a work of fiction that has garnered prevalence among adults. Read more on

Few of Roberto’s Accolades

It would be equally unfair only to say he is famous for his screen teaching and writing talents because apart from these two, any other endeavor that he set his heart to has succeeded. For example, he has managed to scoop awards such as The Edebe Prize for Children and Youth Literature, The Editorial SM prize, and a Paramount film at the Oregon Horror Festival- he acquired this title from his short production Ruleta. It was featured in the Official Section of the Cannes Film Festival. Roberto Santiago has also created an online blog, and through it, he continues to write and significantly impact his followers.

Entrepreneurial Achievements by Roberto

When it comes to business, his technical skills are unparalleled. It is evidenced by his luxurious shopping mall, The Manaira Shopping Center. It is one of the preeminent, if not the most preeminent shopping mall in Brazil. The Manaira Shopping Center is a first-class enterprise hosting great gourmets, cuisine courts, movies, seminar halls, buffet, a gymnasium, learning and financial institutions among other businesses. Such incredible companies have been able to create employment for the residents.

Santiago is an amazing contributor in carton industries. When he was in his early years, Santiago started a company where he spent much of his time manufacturing boxes made from cardboard folding cartons. Santiago then supplied these cartons to a selection of businesses. He did this for a couple of years before later moving into real estate. While there, he bought a substantial tract of land where he developed it into the now The Manaira shopping mall. Visit his profile page on Facebook.

Other Noteworthy Achievements

Roberto is a sports maniac. Amazingly it has worked in his favor as he has won several karts and motocross contests. The linguist in him also pushes him to participate in cultural activities such as sharing educational stories and personal experiences. Roberto values charity a lot. He plays a crucial role in the society where he supports projects and enlightens people on strategies to make them successful in life. You cannot overlook Roberto’s celebrated bachelor’s degree in business administration earned from the University Center of Joao Pessoa.

Reviewing Ohio’s Real Estate’s Performance for 2016 – The Best Year in a Decade

2016 was the best year for Ohio’s real estate industry since 2005. The state registered significant increases in prices and sales, and it could have been even better were it not for supply shortages.

Higher Numbers

To start with, statewide home sales increased 7.5 percent from 2015 to stand at 151,600. This reflected an increase of about 8percent in sales across Northeast Ohio and other regions of the state.

This surge in sales and prices came amidst a market slowdown in many parts of the U.S. It was attributed partly to the low mortgages coupled with the solid job creation witnessed in the state in the recent past.

Low Supply

The success witnessed in 2016 would have been even greater, but a shortage of housing curtailed the surge right towards the end of the year. There were not enough homes to meet the rising demand, and the problem persisted throughout the year and got worse in December. In fact, it is estimated that the current supply of homes will last only 3.6 months, thus painting a grim picture for 2017.

In this case, sellers now have the upper hand in Ohio’s real estate market as a balanced market should have about 6-months supply of houses.

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