David Giertz the Remarkable Financial Advisor

The insurance industry has been on the rise mostly because the industry helps eliminate risks and inspires peace of mind. The need for flexibility and inevitability has prompted the rapid growth in the popularity of the industry. The industry on moneytips.com has grown enormously and has become difficult for a typical person to understand it. Consequently, this has resulted in the rise of financial advisors.

David Giertz is the current president of distribution and sales at Nationwide Financial Distributors, which is an insurance company based in Columbus. The company provides clients with full range of insurance and financial services. David’s unique leadership skills have driven the company to its current position in the insurance industry. Since he became the president, the company has concentrated much on the preparation of its customers for retirement on about.me. David notes that most financial advisors shy away from the social security topic, mostly because they don’t understand the rules and its benefits in retirement planning.

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David appreciates the fact that the subject social security is involved, and it is difficult for a typical financial advisor to comprehend. However, David Giertz believes that the rules of social security are easy for those who have the will and the confidence to understand them. Besides, social security plays a significant role in the retirement planning and should not be ignored. It is a fact that most clients lose a lot of money because their financial advisors failed to include social security in their retirement planning at https://soundcloud.com/davidgiertz. For this reason, most customers are demanding that their financial advisors include social security in their retirement planning so as to optimise their retirement income. Progressively, David Giertz continues to show what makes an exceptional financial advisor.

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