Drew Madden: The Legendary Healthcare IT Executive

The concept of information technology (IT) in the healthcare environment is definitely nothing new, but chances are that many people didn’t foresee just how important it might become with the spread of web-based retailing services such as Amazon on the prowl. Amazon is certainly no small dog with their global influence, pioneering the regular use of drones for delivery purposes and putting box retailers out of business as a result. After all, why would anybody want to actually travel out to a store for their goods when they can simply login and have it delivered straight to their doorstep?

IT is important here in a special sort of way because we’re slowly moving into an age where getting in your car and mobilizing to a location for your goods is becoming increasingly incentivized in one way or another. It has to be — how else do you get people to quit using their phones to simply have the goods dropped off? This is one reason, but not the only reason, why Toys “R” Us went under and other companies have either been shoved out of the way or swallowed up altogether under Amazon’s influence.

Well, some companies just aren’t having it.

CVS is the newest contender to come out of hiding and put the fight to Amazon in clever fashion. They’ll likely be pulling Drew Madden or a similar influence under their wings in preparation for the acquisition of major health insurance provider Aetna, which is their way of incentivizing clients to enter their stores. Not everyone likes to deal with such a sensitive topic over the phone or on the Internet, so you can imagine how happy many consumers will be when they can simply walk into a corner location retail environment and leave with all the general goods, prescription medications and a health insurance plan on top.

It could be just that simple with the help of Drew Madden and an advanced focus on healthcare IT. This is less as a matter of convenience for CVS as it is necessity because if they don’t move to upgrade their infrastructure and back-end support, they may go the way of the dodo on this one.