Has Securus Technologies Changed Service Delivery in the Correctional Facilities?

There was a time that there was a national outcry about exaggerated calling rates to the correctional facilities. These rates were costing families thousands of dollars every month. However, when companies such as Securus got into the scene, sanity was restored. The company has single-handedly ended the exploitation which was part of the service delivery in these facilities and created a culture of reliability and superior quality service delivery. Below are some of the things that customers who have used the services provided by Securus had to say.


The first case was a customer who had an issue with an employee. They suspected that the employee was involved in illegal activities, but they had no way of proving it. He decided to approach Securus and they helped set up monitoring equipment. With time, they were able to record enough audio and video evidence to convict the man. The customer says that if it were not for the assistance offered by Securus, the entire business might have ended up in a federal investigation over on person’s fraudulent behavior.


Securus has been operating since 1986. In the 31 years that the company has been around, they have managed to transform the correctional facilities communication from the unstable state it was into the smooth situation that prevails currently. Customers talk very positively about the excellent customer service they receive each time they communicate the Securus customer support. They also confess that they feel safe about their loved ones who are incarcerated, knowing that they can schedule to talk with them anytime it is convenient for them.


The company offers monitoring services in the correctional facilities such that organized crimes such as sneaking illegal substances there have significantly reduced. Securus is one of the best-performing companies in inmate communications and the fact that they have a BBB certification just confirms their excellence.