How We Used Securus Technologies to Catch a Corrupt Officer

One of the biggest problems that we have in the law enforcement industry is trying to identify corruption within our own ranks. I work in the local jail and we have to be on our toes 24 hours a day in order to avoid any problems with the inmates, and having to worry that one of our own is on the take can really put the entire staff at risk.

The reason we knew that something was initially wrong goes back to my daily quest to try and stop the flow of contraband into the jail. Some days I am responsible for checking each visitor as they pass the metal detectors to see their friends or family in the jail. This is the first line of defense in keeping things out of the jail. Other days I am part of the task force that will do surprise cell inspections and search for anything the inmates should not have.

This is a trying system that requires a keen ear to pick up things the inmates may be telling the other person. It was around this time that Securus Technologies had installed the new inmate communication system, and I was being trained on the LBS software to help us identify issues more easily.

During one call, I picked up one inmate discussing that the soldiers needed to come to see one particular guard when entering the jail. After further investigation with the software, we determined this officer was in fact on the take, and was allowing contraband into the jail for certain gang members. Thanks to the LBS software, we took one of our own and placed him under arrest while making the jail a safer environment for all.

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