Hussain Sajwani: Real Estate Mogul

Hussain Sajwani is a well-known Dubai based Real Estate developer, he is the chairman and founder of DAMAC. He is a business tycoon with an established track record of building super successful businesses in different areas worldwide. He is a real estate guru.

Hussain was born into a middle class, conservative and hardworking family. He grew up with his father who owned and ran a small retail shop where he sold watches and pens. His mother, on the other hand, sold household goods and fabric in their community to raise income. He developed his entrepreneur spirit, hard work, and dedication from watching his parents.


His father’s wish for Hussain was for him to continue with the family business however, Hussain understood the importance of education at a young age and had a strong desire to go to college. He was awarded a full government scholarship and he enrolled at a medical college in Bagdad. He later had a change of heart and discontinued his studies at the medical school. Sajwani graduated from the University of Washington with a bachelor’s degree in Economics another degree in industrial engineering.


He started at a National oil company as a contract manager in 1981 and moved on to Food catering business. His catering business was successful with customers in the Middle East and the United States Military in Kuwait and Iraqi. He believed Food catering business can make you a millionaire, not a billionaire. As a man with vision, he saw prospects in Real Estate. After Dubai allowed foreigners to own property in 2001, he started in real estate and sold many units in a residential building in less than six months.


He later founded DAMAC, a luxury real estate developing company in 2002. DAMAC was born out of his commitment, motivation and hard work. DAMAC Properties now develops high-rise and high-end state of the art private apartment towers, multi-million square-foot golf course communities. Sajwani believes in investing money to make money. He is known for his extravagant marketing strategy. He offers free Bentley or Lamborghinis with purchase of luxury apartments. He is truly a self-made billionaire.


Hussain has a good relationship with President Trump, his wife, and children. Trump and Hussain are both Real Estate Mogul and Billionaires. They both pay attention to details and are protective of their brands. He and his family celebrated New Year at Mar-a-Lago with the Trumps. The DAMAC owner is hoping to continue to expand and grow his business relationship with Trump real estate under the leadership of his children. Sajwani has already teamed up on the Trump international golf course which was opened in 2017, where luxury homes have appreciated in value and have made almost 2 billion in sales. The Trump World Golf Course was designed by professional golfer Tiger Woods and is due to be opened as a separate development towards the end of 2018.


Hussain is involved in Philanthropic activities. He teamed up with the initiative launched by Ruler of Dubai to support less fortunate children across the globe. He contributed two million to support AED. The two million was more than enough to buy clothing for thousands of children.