Interesting Facts And Accomplishments Of, also known as Jingdong, is a tech-driven e-commerce platform that has taken the lead in China’s retail network. Its ability to maintain a high profile throughout the years got it into the limelight. The retail infrastructure has received the honor of being ranked top among other reputable global companies. Jingdong is on the list of the corporations that will receive the SEAL Business Sustainability Award for 2018. This honor comes as a reward for the commitment and dedication shown by the team at Their wide-ranging contributions to societal advancement through their Corporate Responsibility Program have had a significant positive change.

For the last five years, has achieved some milestones through the CRP. Their primary objective has been the implementation of programs that seek to foster sustainable development. As a result, they ensure that they have a positive and lasting impact even in their products, packaging, and customer services. For a venture to attain the SEAL Award, it undergoes a thorough check for sustainability, leadership, and environmental consciousness. These are factors that Jingdong had surpassed. By merely receiving that honor, Jingdong will join high-ranking laureates like Nike, Apple, Samsung, Impossible Foods, and Patagonia.


Jingdong Pays The Cost To Keep Their Clients Up To Speed

It is irrefutable that consistently provides an ultimate e-commerce experience to their clients. It takes them incredible effort and state-of-the-art infrastructure to house and processes vast amounts of data, which are released at incredibly high speed. They always have to equip their client’s databases with relevant images and descriptions. It is said that their product images increase by 100 million each day, which requires a stable open source community like Cloud Native Computing Foundation (CNCF). Considering that they serve a population of more than a billion, then their speed has no equal globally. Go Here for related Information.

It is encouraging to see Jingdong setting such high standards for online stores. They have achieved great success mainly through their authenticity and commitment to quality. JD has also managed a vast production and reliable services that cater for entire China’s population and beyond. Their far-reaching sense makes them a one-stop e-commerce platform for nearly everyone. Their nationwide networks are unrivaled, and they can offer same-day delivery or next-delivery depending on convenience and the needs of the clients.


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