James Larkin Goes to America

James Larkin was an Irish Social Activist who is known for his organizing multiple workers union for the effort of eradicating poverty and bringing solidarity to the workers of Dublin and beyond. After James Larkin’s combat with the Dublin business tycoon William Martin Murphy, James Larkin walked away from the fight defeated but left for the United States to become involved in other union and socialist groups. James Larkin’s original intention was to raise money for his work in organizing the workers union, but he remained in the United States until 1923, shortly after he was sent to Sing Sing Prison for his association with the Community Part. He received Pardon for his “criminal anarchy” charge in 1923 and was allowed to return to Ireland.

Once James Larkin arrived in America in 1914 he became introduced to the American Socialist Party. His activity with American Socialism landed Larkin in jail in Sing Sing and at that time was visited by one of his admirers, Charlie Chaplin. Later Charlie Chaplin recounted the visit with James Larkin at Sing Sing by saying the warden made an exception to allow Chaplin and his friend to visit Larkin who was working in the shoe factory. James Larkin told Chaplin that he was jailed on false charges of trying to overthrow the government. It was the New York Governor Al Smith and FBI head Herbert Hoover to worked out a way to deport James Larkin back to Dublin and ended his sentence in 1923.

Socialist Party and joined their efforts. The Socialist Party expelled James Larkin from the American Socialist Movement in 1919 because of his association with Bolshevik Sympathizers. Because of James Larkin’s outspoken political views and his association with the Communist Party along with the proliferating propagandist literature he was sentenced to prison at Sing Sing as the result of a “Red Scare” that swept thru the United States.

James “Big Jim” Larkin was welcomed back home in 1923 after being released from Sing Sing on criminal charges by a group of nearly 4,000 Irish workers and fanfare.

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  1. He is one of the most outspoken socialist that I have read about that has pioneered a lot of labor match for the people in the local communities. America as we know is a place where https://www.essayuniverse.net/papercoach-review/ a lot eyes are on and that is why there needs to be caution applied in what ever thing that is been done. Its really good seeing the stakes in play with people like him around.

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