Jeunesse Global: Natural Cellular Functions

Free radicals, oxidative stress, sedentary activity, processed diets — yep, that’s our world today. Is it actually harming folks? Indeed. Is anyone doing anything about it? Absolutely.

Meet Jeunesse Global: the “for the people, by the people” company that aims to bring the world back down to earth. The company isn’t run by magic, but it’s almost magical to witness a collection of individuals who are creating their own proprietary formulas — might we add, completely natural ingredients — to reverse the damage that’s caused by contemporary living conditions. Jeunesse, which was founded on September 9, 2009, has rapidly gained footing on the multi-level marketing business and has since become one of the world’s fastest-growing direct-sales names. It appears that founders Wendy Lewis and Randy Ray had a winning concept.

The spotlight of the company’s offerings is actually a single banner term for everything they sell: the Youth Enhancement System. The “yes you can” attitude is clearly reflected in the acronym and shown with positive results in their products, which form nine regimens to combat various age-related conflicts in the human body. Some products aim to smooth out wrinkles and deal with blemishes; others attempt to improve restfulness, waking energy and daytime productivity. There’s a fitness booster, a brain-sharpening protein mixture and even an immunity blend that keeps you going during those notorious flu seasons.

At its roots, the concept behind all of this is sound. There’s not much natural about our society; everything is bad for you these days. The very air you breathe is laced with chemicals, free radicals and pent-up toxins. These factors are all thought to heavily contribute to premature aging, which is said to cause tiredness, illness and accelerated aging. The Youth Enhancement System was designed as a counter to these conditions by providing the body with essential nutrients that can be weaponized by your natural cellular functions to recover the original course of your genetic youth — that is, the young and empowered you.

By creating a system that makes you look, feel and work better, Jeunesse has provided the means to reach your full potential once more. Don’t think that it’s only for the silver-haired crowd however; young adults should consider a Y.E.S. routine to help them stay young for longer!