Lawrence Bender Talks About Kill Bill: Vol. 1

When I saw Kill Bill: Vol. 1 (2003), I was thinking, wow, “these people did it right”. It was what I had come to expect from Lawrence Bender. However, I did not think it would work so profoundly in a movie suited for the pages of a comic book. Yes, Thurman, Liu, Carradine, Hannah, and Madsen were all fantastic and on top of their game. They are each made for this type of satire. And yet, the movie flows like a good symphony or ballet. Dare not say that it was a candy-coated action flick. Maybe it was Lawrence Bender’s previous life as a ballet dancer. Certainly, his genius and willingness to challenge the status quo helped grow this genre’s cult following.

OK, so this is my type of movie, an intellectual, action film. These are my type of actors, deeply flawed because of their supernatural talent. And yes, I love scenic landscapes, in film and in real life. But, even if these things are not your forte, and even if you despise the amount of gore in Kill Bill, you must still appreciate the effort to advance the essence of art in film. Sure it is silly. It is a break from reality. But, anyone who loves comics will appreciate this effort made by Lawrence Bender.

Lawrence Bender was Born in New York City and is a lifetime environmental and political activist. He had his career as a ballet dancer end due to injury. Since then, he has captivated viewers through his amazing talents. From the iconic Reservoir Dogs (1992) to his project about climate change in An Inconvenient Truth (2006), Lawrence Bender has produced films that are widely recognized at the cutting edge of the industry. In addition to films, he reaches audiences through commercials and music videos. Overall, Lawrence Bender has been nominated for 29 academy awards. Among these have been 3 for best picture: Pulp Fiction (1994), Good Will Hunting, and Inglourious Basterds (2009). He is also known for intriguing fans by taking on a small movie roll in his productions.