Learn about William Saito and Cyber-Crisis Management

William Saito a prominent is a man who wears many hats. He is recognized as an IT strategist, an international businessman, as well as a Venture Capitalist. He brought about savvy business strategy, quick thinking, and extensive leadership skills and direction to the technology department. William has been able to influence and encourage government leaders. He has engaged in advising them about various activities ranging from network security, cloud computing, to technology strategies. He has also managed to maintain excellent relationships with the G2000 C-level executives, opinion makers, stakeholders, and various leaders all across an international platform.


William Saito is an advisor of the Pricewaterhouse, World Economic Forum, and the Chertoff Group on International on cybersecurity and international matters. He is also the founder Japans first-ever independent accident investigation into various events that happened after the tsunami, Tohoku earthquake, and the resulting Fukushima’s nuclear disaster. He was featured the 1998 Entrepreneur of the Year by Ernst & Young, NASDAQ, and USA Today. He emerged as the winner of the Medal of Honor due to his contribution in recovery efforts and cleanup for the Japan residents in 2016.


William Saito established an early software firm in his dormitory at the University of California, which was based in Riverside. This firm majored in firmware and device drivers for some prominent electric consumer companies. Microsoft attained rights to the technology in 2000. William has invested in over 25 startup companies since then, 2000. He has been able to build his success way up from scratch. He has worked on boards of various technology firms. He has also been a special adviser of the Japanese Prime Minister, Abe’s Cabinet from 2013 to 2017. He has managed to major in cybersecurity and also contributed to the improvement of Japan cybersecurity defenses. In 2015, he used to be the strategic adviser to Japan Airlines.


William Saito is a firm believer in the idea of investing in failure to create success and victory. This is what has led him to great heights in the world of business. His business ventures are driven by and supported via technological advancements. William also has a good education background. He schooled in Harvard University, Yale and University of California in Riverside. He is also a certified professor of management and technologies. He has taught at various universities such as the University of California, Riverside and the UCLA Anderson School of Management.