Managing Director At Everest Group, Vinod Gupta Is A Highly Distinguished Businessman


Vinod was born back in 1946 in a small village known as Rampur in India. By 1962, Vinod Gupta managed to graduate from the Indian Insitute of Technology, after having earned a place through his service to the Indian Military. During his time at India’s Technological Institute, Vinod majored in Agricultural Engineering. Later on, Vinod relocated to the United States and re-entered the education system to earn his master’s degree in Business and Engineering at the University of Nebraska.

After successfully completing his degree, Vinod Gupta was quick to land a position as an analyst at a database company known as Commodore Corp. Located in Omaha, Vinod was tasked with compiling information for Commodore Corp to help them expand above other companies in the market. Vinod was aware of the situation and knew other companies in the market were also in need of the same services. Instead of filling a role at the Commodore Corp and simply helping that company, Vinod Gupta took his idea and started up a company of his own that would supply companies with compiled lists of data.

Vinod Gupta was broke at this time, but he was able to get a loan and start of InfoGroup. Over the years, this company continued to grow since it filled a major demand in the markets. Within forty years, InfoGROUP managed to become a massive corporation, selling for 680 million dollars in July of 2010.

Today, Vinod Gupta is focused on his position as Managing Director at Everest Group. Vinod handles financial matters, helping the company expand in its market and bring in new clients. With more than four decades of experience behind him, Vinod uses his instincts when it comes to making most of his decisions, which almost always turn out to benefit his company.


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