Mike Heiligenstein Is Optimistic About Developing Innovative Mobility Solutions For Austin Region

According to the Viewpoints editorial of Sept. 3, the American-Statesman posited that there would be an increase in traffic congestion in Austin. It went on to advocate for the use of tech solution. Mike Heiligenstein said that he was happy that the Statesman recognized the problem.

He agreed that there was need for multiple resources to be used to address the traffic menace. Mike reiterated that the Central Texas Regional Mobility Authority (CTRMA) was committed to building mobility solutions in the region.

The CTRMA built the 183A Toll Road in Leander and Cedar Park. This project has transformed the lives of the surrounding communities. In addition, the agency built the U.S. 290 toll road between Manor and Austin. This program has augmented previous road’s capacity besides enhancing the existing nontoll lanes.

According Biz Journals, Mike posits that CTRMA is not a private entity, but an accountable and local agency that was established by the people of Williamson and Travis countries.

The heart of the institution is to innovate. The management of CTRMA posited that the MoPac Express Lanes that are under construction would have variable tolling that utilizes sophisticated technology to enhance traffic flow. It is a herculean task to eliminate congestion on its entirety. Mike asserts that the MoPac program will enable people to get to their places of work quickly.

The objective of developing the Express Lane is to ensure that vehicles are always moving even when other lanes are at a standstill. CTRMA is optimistic that in the near future, they will be able to incorporate baking technology solutions into their projects, thus developing smart roads.

In addition, the corporation plans to embed fiber lines along the 183 South project that they are building between the airport and US 290. Mike is anticipating for the day that vehicles will be in a position to communicate with the road infrastructure.

Advancement in technology will make it easy for a roadway to detect when a car is moving on a wrong way and take the necessary actions. This information was originally reported on My Statesman as highlighted in this link http://www.mystatesman.com/news/opinion/heiligenstein-mopac-project-one-many-mobility-solutions/xMGCtppQvuEzYlFe8FuhSK/

About Mike Heiligenstein

As the executive director of CTRMA, Mike has played an integral role in ensuring that the multi-modal transportation agency has provided world-class mobility solutions in Austin.

The alumnus of the University of Texas has been called upon to speak at different conferences on transportation infrastructure. He is also known for utilizing regional approaches to find appropriate solutions to the existing problems. For over 30 years, Mike Heiligenstein rendered his services as a public official. He started his public life as a Round Rock City Council member. Later, he was promoted to serve as the County Commissioner of Williamson.

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