Norman Pattiz: Revolutionizing Radio Through Podcasts

Norman Pattiz is one of the biggest names in the radio industry. He is the pioneer of one of the biggest radio networks in the entire country, which went by the name of Westwood One. The company ended up being hugely successful and attracted audiences from all over the country. Westwood One became one of the most sought-after radio networks in the entire country and ended up being one of the biggest radio channels. The network hosted some of the greatest events in sports like the NFL and the Superbowl and even hosted special shows on holidays and festivals. But as the internet began to expand, people started tuning in less and less into the radio and more into internet alternatives. People want to be the ones choosing what they listen to, be it the kind of music they want, or the shows that they want to watch. Whatever it might be, Norman Pattiz knew that if he wanted to keep his position in the industry, he would have to start up a company that paid heed to the new trends on the market. This time marked the birth of PodcastOne, which was a podcast network which was specially designed to give listeners shows that they would absolutely enjoy.


Through the network, Norman Pattiz has brought to life numerous different ideas and shows. He has brought along numerous celebrities to make guest appearances and also to incorporate their shows into the network. Stars like Chris Jericho are known to be some of the hosts of the popular shows that are showcased on the network station. The shows that are aired on the network range in genre and style and differ from one another in every possible way. This is done so that the people who are listening to PodcastOne have access to a wide range of shows that come in a variety of different genres. The shows align with the interest of the person who has access to them, which is also why the podcast network has been doing so incredibly well since it first came into existence. Learn more:


PodcastOne also serves as an advertisement space for brands to come and showcase their products. Norman Pattiz had conducted brand studies to show the effectiveness of the ads aired on this channel, as compared to those of the standard radio ( Based on what people like to hear, the brand has brought in advertisers to launch their products in a market that listens to them.



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