OG Juan And Jay-Z Rack Up A $100,000 Tab During Birthday Bash

OG Juan isn’t a name that many people know, but he’s one of the most influential men at Roc Nation and one of Jay-Z’s closest friends. He’s one of the main reasons that Roc Nation, Jay-Z, and himself have been as a successful businessman as they are today. For that reason, OG Juan and Jay-Z made headlines by racking up an astronomical one hundred thousand dollar bar tab to celebrate OG Juan’s fiftieth birthday.Jay-Z and OG Juan started their awe-inspiring night on the town by spending thirteen thousand dollars for dinner at Zuma and another nine thousand dollars on a single round of celebratory drinks at Made in Mexico.

For most of their party guests, that was the end of the night. That wasn’t the case for according to Juan and Jay-Z, though.With four other guests, Juan and Jay-Z went off to the Playroom to spend ninety one thousand dollars on forty bottles of Ace of Spades champagne. The champagne is a high luxury brand champagne and the two spared no expense. They didn’t go through it all on their own, though. It’s been noted that OG Juan and Jay-Z passed out bottles of the exorbitantly priced champagne to the surrounding tables and let them join in on the fun.

At the end of the night, the duo is credited with giving Playroom’s waitresses one last shock. Jay-Z dropped an eleven thousand dollar tip on top of the ninety one thousand dollar tab.OG Juan and Jay-Z have a long history together and they’ve played a pivotal part in eachother’s success. Juan is a Harlem raised man who began developing the harlem hip hop scene in the early nineties and eventually met Jay-Z in 1996. The two began partnering to run a music studios until 2003 when they decided to step it up a notch and open sports bars and nightclubs together.