OSI Industries Celebrates 100 years in Food Processing Innovation

OSI Industries, the best leading processing firm internationally has managed to thrive in business for a century now. The business was started by Arthur and Harry Kolschowsky brothers in Chicago in 1909. Despite that OSI started as a small business enterprise, over the years, it has emerged to be the most significant corporate firm that has contributed a great deal to the American economy. Today the company has succeeded to hire more than 20,000 works at their 65 different plants that are located across the 17 nations. Moreover, it is deemed as the ultimate vendor of food by the best known cooperate enterprises across the globe. The organization has worked to build and retain a good reputation as portrayed by how they provide revolutionary solutions. The firm is also known to offer the best services to their consumers.

A distinctive characteristic of this big food processor is their constant determination and concern for their clients’ needs. The suggestions they offer center entirely on very high quality, value, and efficient manufacturing processes in an effort to maximize on costs. It’s evident that strategic alliances that were put in place at the start of the business have played a fundamental role in the existing business position. Basically, the chance to deliver meat to MacDonald’s even before the business grew into a household brand is the main reason as to why they are successful at this present time.

As soon as MacDonald’s gained popularity across the world, OSI industries went ahead and integrated its supply chain. Otto & Sons were one of the corporation’s four key suppliers. In 1973, the firm had actually divided itself into two businesses one was for supplying purely MacDonald’s and the other was for attending to the regional retail markets and hotels everywhere across the country.

The company’s management skill for growing technologies and proper alliances continues to be an important element which has contributed to its achievement. Just to illustrate, the company was among the first big meat processors to put into effect a state of the artwork facility that used technology to flash freeze hamburger patties.

Apart from the strategic alliance with MacDonald’s, OSI Industries possess a great number of business enterprises in the food industry in every place. Currently, the business is the only food supplier worldwide. Furthermore, it has various collective businesses and development plans in the Pacific Rim, Hungary, Brazil, Austria, Poland and Mexico just to name a few.

OSI is among the best industries in the United States, which took a #58 position on Forbes list of the leading private companies in 2016. Additionally, the organization’s approximated sales for that period was around $6.1 billion. Creativity has also contributed much when it comes to the company’s growth. The previous decade has seen the firm continue to grow and evolve into the industry leader producing beneficial meat products. Recently, the management had invented more business ideas into other industry segments, like incorporating the manufacturing of non-meat products.

About the industry rules and long-term projections, OSI Industries is certainly an upcoming firm in this contemporary globalized economy.

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