How We Used Securus Technologies to Catch a Corrupt Officer

One of the biggest problems that we have in the law enforcement industry is trying to identify corruption within our own ranks. I work in the local jail and we have to be on our toes 24 hours a day in order to avoid any problems with the inmates, and having to worry that one of our own is on the take can really put the entire staff at risk.

The reason we knew that something was initially wrong goes back to my daily quest to try and stop the flow of contraband into the jail. Some days I am responsible for checking each visitor as they pass the metal detectors to see their friends or family in the jail. This is the first line of defense in keeping things out of the jail. Other days I am part of the task force that will do surprise cell inspections and search for anything the inmates should not have.

The last thing I do in order to keep the jail free from contraband is monitor the calls between inmates and their family or friends on the outside. This is a trying system that requires a keen ear to pick up things the inmates may be telling the other person. It was around this time that Securus Technologies had installed the new inmate communication system, and I was being trained on the LBS software to help us identify issues more easily.

During one call, I picked up one inmate discussing that the soldiers needed to come to see one particular guard when entering the jail. After further investigation with the software, we determined this officer was in fact on the take, and was allowing contraband into the jail for certain gang members. Thanks to the LBS software, we took one of our own and placed him under arrest while making the jail a safer environment for all.

David Giertz the Remarkable Financial Advisor

The insurance industry has been on the rise mostly because the industry helps eliminate risks and inspires peace of mind. The need for flexibility and inevitability has prompted the rapid growth in the popularity of the industry. The industry on has grown enormously and has become difficult for a typical person to understand it. Consequently, this has resulted in the rise of financial advisors. A sound financial advisor should be passionate, and most of all should have vast experience as a financial professional. However, it takes much more to make a remarkable financial advisor like David Giertz.

David Giertz is the current president of distribution and sales at Nationwide Financial Distributors, which is an insurance company based in Columbus. The company provides clients with full range of insurance and financial services. David’s unique leadership skills have driven the company to its current position in the insurance industry. Since he became the president, the company has concentrated much on the preparation of its customers for retirement on David notes that most financial advisors shy away from the social security topic, mostly because they don’t understand the rules and its benefits in retirement planning.

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David appreciates the fact that the subject social security is involved, and it is difficult for a typical financial advisor to comprehend. However, David Giertz believes that the rules of social security are easy for those who have the will and the confidence to understand them. Besides, social security plays a significant role in the retirement planning and should not be ignored. It is a fact that most clients lose a lot of money because their financial advisors failed to include social security in their retirement planning at For this reason, most customers are demanding that their financial advisors include social security in their retirement planning so as to optimise their retirement income. Progressively, David Giertz continues to show what makes an exceptional financial advisor.

Lori Senecal Influences The Advertising World With Innovative Strategies

Lori Senecal, the Global Chief Executive Officer of CP+B, is known for her innovation initiatives in the advertisement industry. She is regarded as one of the defining personalities in the ad industry. Her committed years of service have been benefited by most of the well-known brands across the world. Her decades of experience in advertisement industry have helped her to shape the existing strategies and come up with more useful and better ones. Wherever she worked during her career span, she made a significant impact in both the business and culture of those firms.

In 2015, she was appointed as the Global CEO of CP+B by MDC Partners, reveals Ad Week, the holding group of the company. She was inducted into the firm by creating the position of Global CEO to better coordinate between its international offices and to expand its offices and business abroad rapidly. Senecal is known for bringing technology into the advertisement sector, and she drives a tech-based advertisement strategy in CP+B. She is known for making collaboration with some of the best brands in the world including BMW, Nestle, and Coca-Cola. She closely works with the leadership team of the firm to ensure that the vision of the firm is being taken forward with committed service and high-quality solutions.

Before starting her career, Lori completed her BCom in Marketing and Finance from McGill University, Montreal. Initially, she co-founded TAG Ideation in February 2003 and continued there for another four years. Then, she joined McCann Worldgroup as Global Chief Innovation Officer. Later, she became the President of McCann Erickson, and it is followed by President and CEO role in Kirshenbaum Bond Senecal + Partners (KBS). In March 2012, she was named as the Chairman of KBS, and after two years she became the President and CEO of MDC Partners. During the period Lori also worked as the Global Executive Chairman of KBS and continued the position until she left for CP+B in March 2015.

Apart from her busy roles, she was also writing about the trends and changes in the fashion industry in PR Newswire. She has made some significant achievements during her career. While she was working with KBS, she helped the firm to expand its operation and propelled the firm from a 250-member local agency to more than 900-people global agency in a short span of time. She was named as “Women to Watch” by Advertising Age in 2014. She is also one of the members of Ad Council Board of Directors.

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Update on Squaw Valley Water Contamination

A report was filed against the Squaw Valley ski resort on Nov. 8 regarding the quality of the water on the upper mountain after it tested positive for E. coli and coliform bacteria. Public Relations Director Liesl Kenney has since provided a statement on Nov. 30 expressing that the situation is looking up for the ski resort.


Kenney stated that after an exceptionally heavy rainstorm occurred in October, a new water system that had been installed over the summer had become contaminated. The issue was limited to this particular system and the public never came into contact with the contaminated water. No health issues have been reported since the issue was found.


Placer County Environmental Health and the Squaw Valley Public Service District were quickly contacted after the issue was discovered. Since then, the problem has been dealt with accordingly and will continue to be treated seriously until there is evidence that the water is safe. The water has been routinely treated and has shown only low levels of coliform bacteria in three out of four wells. E. coli has not been detected at all.


Kenney stated that the issue has been taken very seriously to ensure the safety of customers at the resort. Guests still have full access to all facilities except restaurants, which have remained closed. Drinking the water on site has been prohibited, however guests are offered free bottled water as compensation. All customers will be notified when it is confirmed that the issue has been resolved.

Fabletics Is A Highly Unique Clothing Store With Amazing Variety to Select From.

Fabletics is a popular company that was created by Kate Hudson in 2013, along with Adam Goldenberg and Don Ressler. The company is famously known for their strong position in the emerging clothing category called “activewear.” Similar to the speed with which the Amazon website store has gained practically a 20% control over the influence of the online retailer clothing market, Fabletics has emerged to become a $250 million company in just about a three year time frame. The clothing company makes use of a member oriented program that delivers extraordinary and inspirational fashion garments online, and at their physical outlets.


Generally, the consumer has the false belief that when an item is more expensive that it is an indicator of higher quality for the item. The truth is, that is simply not a realistic expectation in the modern world. A sharp change in the market pushed consumers to find items with positive reviews, exclusive designs, and for organizations that are making sure that the buyer is actually happy with their item, all the while spending less money.


Quite a few physical stores have been shutting down. This is mainly because the potential consumer goes inside the physical stores to peruse the items, but instead heads online to obtain the product from a different company, often for less money. Fabletics, however, has not experienced this type of decline in sales. Fabletics employs an online member plan, which maintains a high quantity of members, who attest that the products offered are worth buying. Member assessment of the items is imperative for convincing potential consumers to enter the physical department stores and purchase directly from Fabletics. Consumer data confirms that 50% of the buyers who visit the physical departments are members of Fabletic’s website membership program, and 25% of the potential buyers in the physical department stores become actual members, solely from their browsing there.


Fabletics makes use of consumer data to discern what customers are interested in buying from their website algorithm to gather an understanding for what potential buyers are desiring to purchase. When a member looks at an item on their website, this member data is shared with physical stores to ensure that they are carrying those same items that the member data dictates customers online are interested in. This enables the physical departments to easily swap out items on display, and to stay up to date with the customer’s interest in fashion. Current technological advances are also employed, such as data relayed from “heat maps” and social media events online, to illustrate which physical store locations are actively of interest shoppers.


Many retailers have discovered that becoming a true competitor with internet based retailers the likes of Amazon is an arduous and difficult task for the majority of online merchants. Fabletics easily rises to this challenge by offering only the most distinctive products, applying avant-garde methods, member data, and using ROI data, or Return on Investment data, to scale their stores.

Black Friday week is still going strong! Shop the sale in stores and online. (Link in bio)

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Reviewing Ohio’s Real Estate’s Performance for 2016 – The Best Year in a Decade

2016 was the best year for Ohio’s real estate industry since 2005. The state registered significant increases in prices and sales, and it could have been even better were it not for supply shortages.

Higher Numbers

Several aspects of Ohio’s real estate industry registered improvements compared to previous years. To start with, statewide home sales increased 7.5 percent from 2015 to stand at 151,600. This reflected an increase of about 8percent in sales across Northeast Ohio and other regions of the state. The average price for a home also rose by about 4.8percent since 2015 to about $159,531.

This surge in sales and prices came amidst a market slowdown in many parts of the U.S. It was attributed partly to the low mortgages coupled with the solid job creation witnessed in the state in the recent past.

Low Supply

The success witnessed in 2016 would have been even greater, but a shortage of housing curtailed the surge right towards the end of the year. There were not enough homes to meet the rising demand, and the problem persisted throughout the year and got worse in December. In fact, it is estimated that the current supply of homes will last only 3.6 months, thus painting a grim picture for 2017.

In this case, sellers now have the upper hand in Ohio’s real estate market as a balanced market should have about 6-months supply of houses.

About Tammy Mazzocco

Tammy Mazzocco is one of Ohio’s most notable real estate agents. She currently works with Judy Gang & Associates and operates in many counties including Delaware, Licking, Franklin, and Fairfield counties. She describes the reputable Judy Gang as a friend and mentor.

Like many real estate agents, Tammy Mazzocco’s career started low and continues to grow as she gains more experience. She has worked in many companies and under many mentors including RE/MAX, The Edwards Realty Company, and Scotland Yard Condominiums.

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