Paul Herdsman & NICE Global Are Passing On Their Business Knowledge


Paul Herdsman knows how to run a business. In fact, the company he co-founded, NICE Global, is in the business of helping other companies run their business.

Over the years, Paul has gained an incredible amount of knowledge about the micro and macro of running a large & successful corporate business.

One specific area Paul Herdsman excels at is how he manages and handles fellow employees. Investing in employees, whether it be through continuing education & training or through life-work balance projects, has always been a point of impact for Herdsman. Find More Information Here.

Through his own success and entrepreneurship, Paul also knows how valuable it is to reward employees for the right type of performance and behavior. Shallow goals can be corrosive to morale and can encourage shortcutting. That’s why Herdsman has always looked to reward company growth activities in his business.

Herdsman’s success can also be attributed to understanding the business outside of his department – one of the Business Lessons Paul learned very on in his professional career. Paul brought that mindset to his company and expects his own employees to have a basic understanding of the business outside their area of expertise. This shared knowledge can create a powerful mutual respect between employees, leading to higher team morale.

Overall, the success of NICE Global and Paul Herdsman comes down to their ability to fix other people’s problems. Navigating the balance between business success and paying attention to the needs of employees has given them solutions to issues that face many companies. In many ways, It’s only natural that Herdsman has become been able to help so many businesses with the depth of experience he has gained.