Professor Donates $1 Million for New Planetarium

Orange College is now getting a new planetarium. The new construction of this planetarium was boosted by a $1 million donation from a former professor. Retired professor Mary McChesney has used funds to help finance a device known as a Foucault pendulum which helps demonstrate how the Earth rotates.

According to officials at Costa Mesa college, the pendulum will be the only one of its kind in all of Orange County. Professor McChesney said in a recent statement that the new planetarium will be a center of scientific studies for numerous college students and the rest of the nearby community.

She says that although she has grown old, her love of education is still very much alive. McChesney also promises an exciting future for both educators and students in the coming years once the planetarium is full constructed.

The construction of the new planetarium will be completed by the fall of 2018. It will then serve a number of people including elementary school students, college students and also residents and visitors of the community.

As a centerpiece of education, the planetarium will become a valuable addition to the community as it will be able to educate a number of people about astronomy and how the Earth moves on a regular basis.

Thanks to McChesney’s contribution, Orange Coast College will have yet another valuable resource to help enlighten the community and students alike.

Orange Coast College is an educational institution located in Costa Mesa, California. It is a leading college in Orange County by offering a number of education programs to students.

The college offers a wide range of certificates for numerous fields such as business, computer technology and healthcare. With the certificate programs, students can get comprehensive training in a number of in demand fields and begin their careers.

As well as offering a number of educational programs, Orange Coast College also be able to get involved in a number of programs such as athletic events and student organizations.

It is accredited by the Accrediting Commission for Community and Junior College. The college also offers online education which allows students to complete their educational programs on the internet at their own convenience.

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