Roberto Santiago: Manaira as a Destination Not Just a Shopping Mall

Depending on what a customer has come into the store for and their time limit, shopping can be a time of calming leisure or a time of significant stress. When customers step into the Manaira shopping center, they will instantly be washed in the glow of the fabulous facility and transported to a center completely dedicated to making their shopping experience as positive as possible. Since it was initially constructed, Manaira has been the gold standard for malls all over the world. Owner and developer, Roberto Santiago has always been optimistic about the facility and has poured a significant amount of effort into making it one of the best built.


Santiago has always been a particularly savvy businessperson and knew from an early age that he wanted to make a big splash on the international stage. He attended college at Pio X-Marist and then the University Center of Joao Pessoa, eventually obtaining a degree in business administration. Santiago is well known for his real estate dealings and the significant success of Manaira, but during his college days, Santiago did not have any inkling of how successful he was going to be in these areas. He knew that Joao Pessoa was very important to him and he wanted to develop something significant to help bolster the local economy. He purchased the land and quickly built the fantastic shopping mall.


Manaira is more than just a shopping mall, it is also the home of several other types of facilities in addition to its numerous shops and restaurants. In fact, one of the most interesting facilities located in Manaira is the College of Higher Education of Paraiba. This is a continuation of Santiago’s strong commitment to education, as he chose to house this place of significant learning within the mall itself. The mall also includes bars, a bowling alley, a gym, banks, a movie theater, and a game station. There seem to be significantly more reasons to visit the center for a variety of errands and customers will find many of their daily needs met within its walls.


Today, Manaira holds a very good international reputation. In addition to the previous facilities mentioned, one of the major attractions of Manaira is Domus Hall. Domus Hall is a concert and event space that has drawn significant crowds since the opening of Manaira. This space will truly ensure a level of growth that will be unmatched by other facilities of its type and is a relatively new concept when it comes to shopping malls. Until Santiago did it with Manaira, people did not consider that shopping malls could be more than just somewhere you go to get the best deals. He has done everything in his power to make Manaira a destination.