Rocketship Education Fights The Slurs Of NPR

The Rocketship Education charter school has been developing a solid reputation for the standard of the education received by the students at each of its 13 campuses. Rocketship Education is so popular among its family members and staff that the community around the school system has come together to provide support when one school is affected by a disaster such as that seen in San Jose, California. Any slurs on the reputation of the school are usually met with a wall of support for the charter school system from parents and families. A recent NPR article has been met with a huge level of support for Rocketship Education and its hard-working staff who were hit with a number of criticisms throughout the blog published under Anya Kamenetz name.

Over the course of the article, the author explained her view of Rocketship Education and the problems she saw taking place as explained by a single disgruntled former parent. Among the criticisms leveled by NPR was the lack of oversight of non-certified teachers to supervise groups of children when teachers were working with smaller groups. Rocketship Education CEO Preston Smith felt the need to respond personally to the criticism of the NPR blogger who he stated did not understand the need for one-on-one tutoring for students of all education levels.

The second criticism tabled in the NPR article was over the seemingly strict classroom rules in place throughout the charter school program. Classroom management is an aspect of the work of all teachers which is often difficult to handle and can cause major problems. Even former Secretary of Education John B. King Jr. has explained his own struggles with classroom management when working in the charter schools system. Making sure all programs and staff members are working towards the same goals means bathroom and quiet study times are standard for all students to achieve the best outcomes.