Roseann Bennett: Canine Therapy


She has over a decade of experience when it comes to marriages and helping families work out their issues. Now, Roseann Bennett a well-known therapist in New Jersey is looking to use dogs to help those struggling with their emotional setbacks. She is familiar with areas such as psychology, counseling and therapy. Her overall experience lies within the in-home treatment environment for many years.

During this time she saw a growing need for ongoing outpatient treatment. It was mostly needed by those who couldn’t afford to pay for the expensive costs often associated with treatment. She took the leap and persisted to build the creation of the Center For Assessment and Treatment. The goal was to provide treatment and counseling to basically anyone who needed it. Her and her husband were the sole funding providers to get the facility going and open the practice. Bennett took the lead as the co-founder and Executive Director to create a curriculum of successful programs within their daily operations. Refer to This Article for more information

Bennett has remained a true believer in the power of therapy which brought her to looking at using animals in her practice. It’s no secret that animals have been a way for individuals to get assistance with tasks around the house or help them with physical challenges. The benefits have been where people have felt more productive and begin to lead meaningful lifestyles.

Bennett has incorporated the use Canine Assisted Therapy and introduced a dog named Jack to her team. She was moved to do this after witnessing how children respond and develop when interacting with animals. Once seeing these benefits and effects, Bennett wanted to use and embrace this technique into her practice. Jack, for instance, has to go through a two week training course for obedience. This would eventually make him a certified therapy dog and assist with helping their patients.


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