Samuel Strauch Shows Passion for the Real Estate Industry in South Florida

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Samuel Strauch is a real estate agent with an impressive background history. He graduated from Hofstra University in Long Island New York with a Bachelor’s degree in Business Administration, emphasizing in International Studies. Samuel Strauch has certifications from Erasmus University Rotterdam and Harvard Business as well. Originally, he found his niche in banking but eventually realized his love for the real estate industry.

For the last fifteen years, Strauch has worked for Metrik Real Estate in the Miami/Fort Lauderdale area. Metrik has done so well that he has become the president of the Affinity Group, which owns Metrik Real Estate. HomeLight, an online database of real estate agent information, ranks Strauch as one of the top twelve percent for selling a home and top sixteen percent for helping home buyers. Typically he serves as the manager for people looking to sell their home. According to their records, he has helped sell homes that are as pricey as $890,000.

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One thing that sets Samuel Strauch apart is his desire to help people with a variety of backgrounds. He realizes that for many immigrant Americans, having a piece of property they can call home is not just a desire but an investment for their future as well. Among many other booming nations, the United States was ranked one of the countries with the best opportunities for price appreciation in 2016. This is very much so the case for Miami, as over six billion dollars in real estate is owned by foreigners.

Samuel Strauch is ready to help investors in any way possible. For example, in a recent article he explained why investing in Panama maybe more lucrative than focusing on the Miami market. The fact that he is willing to share this information with people, who are not yet his client, shows his passion for the industry, for the people he serves, and beyond.




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