Shervin Pishevar’s Problem with Monopolies

Shervin Pishevar has spent a lot of time on Twitter over the past several months. In February, he sent out 50 numbered tweets in order to air out his grievances and make a few predictions. He spent 10 tweets focusing on monopolies and his problem with them.

There’s Too Many of Them

Once upon a time, the United States had only one monopoly. Ma Bell was broken up years ago, which was what was best for consumers. Shervin Pishevar now identifies five that have been allowed to thrive for too long. These include Alphabet, Amazon, Facebook, Microsoft, and Apple. These are entirely too many monopolies for consumers to deal with and the government isn’t doing anything to take them down.

They Have Too Much Power

Shervin Pishevar has compared the power of these five monopolies to that of a sovereign nation. They have extreme amounts of power in regards to the data that they have access to and more. Facebook has had investigations launched against them because of all that they are privy to. Amazon has forced countless brick and mortar businesses to close, including Toys R Us.

They’re Destroying Startups

Shervin Pishevar identified that the monopolies are like “robber barons.” They’re destroying all of the startups as a result of their acquisitions. The monopolies in all of their power choose to acquire the startups in order to gain their new technology. This ensures that the monopolies gain more power and don’t have to worry about any kind of competition. Because of this practice, Shervin Pishevar fears that there may not be another successful startup like Uber for at least 10 years unless the monopolies get stripped of some of their power.

It’s obvious that Shervin Pishevar has a big problem with monopolies. However, it’s easy to see why he has these problems. All consumers should be concerned about these monopolies. Unless the government takes them down, they could become more and more problematic.