Steve Lenard : The World Of Marketing Has No Doubt Changed

Steve Lenard knows a thing or two about brand marketing and more importantly how today’s marketing landscape has become increasingly more difficult to navigate in. In the past, companies simply sought celebrity endorsements to bring brand value to their companies, we only have to look to campaigns by Addidas featuring Kanye West or Rhianna’s work with Puma to understand the effectiveness of this tactic. Today, however, don’t just come from movies or the music industry but from social media as well. Why? People trust non-scripted reviews from their favorite YouTubers which tend to give people enough confidence to purchase their favorite items.

Although the entrance to promote your own product or brand is easier than it has ever been, it has also increased in its difficulty to gain attention and more difficult to have people take action. Steve Lenard has formulated two main principles to follow when attempting to get your brand noticed.

#1 Establish a connection with your followers on Social Media

As we mentioned before Social Media influencers are highly trusted by their followers because they often don’t read from a script or are under contract to one certain company. Steve Lenard recommends that those up and coming business owners should first create a connection with your audience before attempting to sell anything. In addition, he advises social media influencers to be very careful in not promoting one type of item and then promoting their competitor the next day, that is certainly one way to lose your base.

#2 Choosing the right celebrity is not enough to sell your product

You could land the biggest celebrity, but if your product doesn’t correlate to the audience watching it, then do not expect to see results. Lenard recommends establishing a route to attract a specific audience to your page. Doing this will not only allow you to promote to the right people but also increase the chance that you will get return customers.