Sussex Celebrating Two Decades of Excellent Service Delivery

Taking Care of the Seniors in the society may be hectic as they require maximum attention. Many people tend to find it difficult as they have their day to day activities to attend. The elderly need proper healthcare services as their immunity tend to deteriorate due to aging. Their general physiological and psychological wellbeing also is affected with aging. Sussex Healthcare, a health facility based in Horsham, West Sussex offers home care services to the seniors, and they help them in improving their physical and psychological wellbeing.

Sussex Healthcare was founded by Shiraz Boghani, A well-known businessman in England and his friend dr. Shafik Sachedina famous Ismaili dental surgeon in the United Kingdom. They established the health care center in the year 1998, and since then they have ensured that it runs smoothly and offers quality services. Sussex Healthcare mainly concentrates its services at Sussex regionals it aims after improving the living standards of people living in the region. The hospital has other 20 homes distributed in Sussex.

Sussex Healthcare also helps in treating patients suffering from neurological disorders such as stress, depression, Alzheimer’s syndrome, dementia among others. It also helps individuals with physical disabilities and learning disabilities. The health practice is equipped with highly talented staffs that are experts and willing to help patients improve their health status and general wellbeing.

The current Chief executive Officer of the Healthcare Practice is MS Morgan Taylor who is an experienced social worker and served the healthcare industry for more than 20 years. MS Morgan is responsible for all aspects of the clinic’s growth and development. Sussex is the only accredited home care clinic in the United Kingom which has achieved the ISO standard of 9000:2000.

The Hospital uses drug-free and non-invasive treatment approach in the management of the mental and physical disorders. It mainly uses physical and social activities to boost the physiological and mental health of the clients. Besides, it offers services like physiotherapy, aromatherapy, gymnastics, and spa among others. Sussex has reached its 26th year of service since it was launched and it is a reputable facility in England.

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