Sussex Health Care Residential And Day Care Programs With Unique Care Plans For The Client

Sussex Health Care is a residential and day care independent program that provides high-quality care for older adults and adults with both physical and mental issues including neurological disabilities. The healthcare company provides care for patients with Alzheimer’s Disease, neurological disability due to brain injury, and other delicate brain conditions including dementia. They provide care for adults with learning and physical disabilities in a daycare setting or as a residential program.

The Sussex Health Care for older adults focus is on these people having the right to live with as much quality of life as possible while aging. The nursing teams are trained at the Academy to handle complex health issues and the social care needed by these adults. The program also has both residential and respite care for older adults. The residential care homes are filled with activity programs for seniors that include art therapy, handcrafts, music, and movement, quizzes and reminiscence sessions. Then when it is meal time for either the client using the daycare program or a resident the food is prepared using wholesome quality and fresh ingredients.

When it is time for special care the program has a range of appropriate therapies including reflexology, occupational therapy, and physiotherapy.

Clients in the residential program or daycare with dementia the staff can provide 24-hour nursing care and as each person is unique the care program for each older adult with dementia has a unique care program to fit their needs. One of the parts of the care for these clients is developed areas that help with remembering days and days in the past with familiar items and memory boxes.

The other conditions that get quality support and care include but are not limited to Huntington’s Disease, Multiple Sclerosis, Parkinson Disease, and Motor Neuron Disease. The Sussex Care cares for clients with spinal cord lesions and acquired brain injury. The staff is trained to care for these conditions and there is in-house physiotherapy, physiotherapists, speech and language therapies. The facility has a spa, physiotherapy, and hydrotherapy for residents.

Sussex Care also offers clients alternative therapies including reflexology and aromatherapy. The care team works with specialists and consultants from the National Hospital for Neurology in Queens Square, Guys Hospital, St. Thomas Hospital, and the Royal Hospital for Neurological Disorders.

Care plans are made to fit the condition and the type of disease with its progression for each client as their needs are unique.

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