Ted Bauman, the Financial Expert

Ted Bauman is known for his editorial role in Banyan Hill publishing. He oversees the Plan B club, Alpha stock alert, and Bauman letter. He specializes in low-risk investment management, asset migration, and privacy. However, he did not begin his career life as an editor. He studied in the University of Cape Town, South Africa and graduated with a postgraduate degree in History and Economics. Upon completion of his postgraduate program, he worked for 25 years in South Africa in different executive capacities. Some of the institutions he served during his 25-year career were mainly in the non-profit sector.

His passion for helping people live a life with the necessary resources they require to live a sovereign life led to him to create Slum Dwellers International. He later worked as a consultant. As a consultant, he was able to research and write extensively on urban planning, housing, and financial issues for various clients like the World Bank, United Nations, European grant agencies, and the South African government. His extensive knowledge in the financial sector helped him voice opinions when it came to the Trump’s recent trade war.

According to Ted Bauman, there is a looming danger to the investor’s portfolio due to the escalating trade wars. Various financial writers have also echoed his financial expertise as not only a financial editor but also financial consultant to various agencies. One such writing company to echo Ted Bauman’s opinion is The Business Insider. The Business Insider also states that if the US trade war increases, investors have causes of concern primarily due to the trading revenue they may lose.

Despite the various disadvantages that may arise due to the trade war, Ted Bauman provides investors with safe ways they can use to grow and protect their accumulated wealth. His Alpha Stock alert articles give over 100000 followers monthly updates on various ways they can invest and strategies they can utilise to grow their wealth. He also expands his writing to include other profitable systems that also complement the tips he gives on Alpha Stock alert. The information his shares concerning the trade war helps offer investors a unique financial perspective.

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