The Amazing Bumble Founder, Whitney Wolfe

Whitney Wolfe has achieved a lot since she opted to take a risk and founded the dating app, Bumble in the year 2014. He started small with only three employees and progressed over time. As of now, her company has more than 35 employees located in different areas in the world.

People using the application increase daily and the women like it since they are the ones who control the application. It has more than 11 million users who not only get partners but also the direction in a career regarding network expansion. Career potential has increased since the launch of BumbleBizz this year.

The esteemed owner, Whitney Wolfe has been praised because, with the growing company, she still kept the qualities and values of the society. She has been recognized and is among the Forbes Under 30. The CEO appreciates the first employees as the root and reason as to why the business has continued to excel. She states that it is because they believed in her dream and contributed to the success.

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Compared to other entrepreneurs, Whitney Wolfe has the notion that the start is smooth. Bumble does not offer a lot of services, and the people that it serves are manageable. Employees too can be controlled, the brand is in a starting phase, and they are taking a chance on the idea and vision of the founder. They are willing to fall or excel with the sole proprietor.

Whitney Wolfe has had the success of keeping the company culture intact, and that has been an admiration to not only the people who she mentors but also her fellow businesspeople from various sectors. Her advice to them is to prioritize the culture when hiring and placing the staff. As she was in Silicon Valley, she discovered that it was difficult to get people who have passion and also the required skill of innovation. These two features in a worker will promote the brand in a big way. She encourages the starting employees to put this quality on the new fellows joining her brand.

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