The Chainsmokers: Creating Art

A blank canvas dauntingly awaits the artist. Using lyrics like paint, their heart and soul a steady hand and brush, and pop/EDM/RnB melodies as a palette; The Chainsmokers began to create a picture of the relentless struggle between material temptation and staying true to yourself. Released April 20, as the fourth single preluding their up and coming studio album; the song “Somebody” is art in its purest form. Equipped with Drew Love’s lyrical embodiment of this internal war, accompanied by the music video featuring time-lapsed watercolor paintings; The Chainsmokers delivers their perspective on a philosophical dilemma that faces many people today.

In 2012, manager Adam Alpert reformed The Chainsmokers, already consisting of Alex Pall, a DJ in New York; to include Andrew Taggart, who had been working at an art gallery in Manhattan while interning at Interscope Records. The EDM dj duo quantum leaped into success when their single, “#selfie” ascended the Dance/Electronic Song charts in 2014. Becoming multi-platinum artist in 2105, with the release of their single “Roses”, The Chainsmokers reached international fame. With songs reaching over 270 million streams on Spotify and 110 million views on YouTube, tours consisting of over 40 north American cities, listing third on Forbes’ World’s Highest Paid DJs list for 2017, and being named Billboard’s number one on their 2018 ranking of dance musicians titled Billboard Dance 100; The Chainsmokers has certainly earned status as a household name.

Taking a look inside their studio via a short clip posted to Facebook made by the pair, you can see the creative juices flowing and begin to comprehend the genius behind their talents. Adjusting synthesizers and voice tracks to creating musical rhythms on a piano, The Chainsmokers’ making of “Somebody” adds an interesting look into what many consider to be a more introspective song compared to the duo’s previous work. The Chainsmokers promise to release a more in-depth video into the making of “Somebody” soon, broadcasting to fans all around the world a peek into the tenacious and intense nature of the composition process.