The Entrepreneurial Success of Jose Hawilla

The road to success is never easy, and lesser men and women give up, but strong men and women entrepreneurs never give up. Being an entrepreneur is difficult because it does not ensure a bright future. There are plenty of risks and sacrifices involved when you want to start a business on your own. The first few stages of the business or endeavor that you will be putting up will be the most difficult part because you are still in the learning process.

And although everybody may claim that hard work is needed to succeed, the following characteristics are also important to be successful:

Flexible – everything must adapt to change, including people. When things change either for the good or bad, you must be able to go with the flow. So a back-up plan is very important.

Motivation – to be successful and independent you must be self-motivated, you should inspire yourself to go forward because the success you will eventually reap is for you and your loved ones.

Vision – being able to visualize what you want will give you the proper inspiration and will lead you to what needs to be achieved. Have a foresight on how your business will be financially in three or five years from now. Check out to know more.

Risk Tolerance – every successful entrepreneur must not be adverse to risk because it is part of having a business. If you do not learn how to take risks at the right moments, then you will always be afraid to move forward, which will hamper the growth of your business.

Jose Hawilla is a perfect example of an entrepreneur. Jose Hawilla is from Sao Paolo Brazil who worked as a journalist. During the ten years of engaging with the media, he has covered some of the most important and big events that are broadcasted internationally. In 1980 he decided to give up his lucrative career in media and bought Traffic with four other investors.

During the first months of Traffic, they were only able to post advertisements at bus stops. But eventually, they were able to post advertisements on large billboard signs in stadiums and have continually expanded ever since.

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