The Man Behind The $42M Women’s Health Startup: Marc Sparks

The Renovia Inc will be launching several other new products after its accomplishment of the $32 million Series B turn on Tuesday, followed by a $10 million venture debts. Renovia Inc. was co-founded by Marc Beer, the former Aegerion Pharmaceuticals CEO.


The Boston med-tech firm based in Boston has now developed several diagnostic as well as therapeutic products which are meant to treat various pelvic floor disorders such as the common urinary incontinence. The first ever product for the great company was the Leva, which received an FDA approval on April.


On the other hand, the Longwood fund was able to join the Series B round which consisted of the New York’s best perspective advisors along with Missouri-based Ascension Ventures. The funding done by these great ventures will be directed to be developing as well as testing some extra four diagnostic and therapeutic products for the firm not forgetting the new version of Leva device. Marc Sparks pointed out that they were extremely thrilled to get the necessary support from the various best healthcare investors who contributed their great visions understand the industry, better diagnose, treat as well as bring light to the lives of millions of people affected by the pelvic floor disorders.


He also added that through the combination of their innovation and proprietor sensor techs, they will be able to deliver the best data regarding new treatment options which could be available for the people affected by the disorder. They would also give people better knowledge regarding pelvic floor disorders and ultimately lower the healthcare costs for all the customers.


About Marc Sparks


Renovia marks the first venture for Marc sparks since he left Aegerion in 2015. Marc is known to for his success in the capitalist world. He is based in TX Dallas. You will not go through the legendary industrialists in the 21st century without finding the name of Marc Sparks in that list. After his graduation from high school in Dallas in 1975, Marc had over 13 successful startups.


As a man who did not successes well in high school, Marc Sparks amazes many people for being among the millionaires in the industry. Surprise, Marc Sparks does not even have any formal training on entrepreneurship. However, the natural instinct, as well as experienced, are the core pillars of his success story.


The Passion for this incredible entrepreneur is to build companies on the ideas which most people term as unachievable. He also has a go-getter attitude that has enabled him to raise the various startups to profitable big companies. Learn more: