The Philip N Deihl Led U.S. Money Reserve Launches the Rare Ronald Reagan Coin

The U.S. Reserve led by its President Philip N. Deihl, the former Director of United States Mint has released the eagerly awaited Ronald Reagan coin.

For many people, who had lost hope in the release of one of the world’s rarest coins, their hope was finally restored when it was announced that the Ronald Reagan coin is out. Learn more about US Money Reserve: and

However, their joy is faced with a number of challenges starting with the inexcusable scarcity of the coin. Although the U.S. Money Reserve has the authority to produce up to 2,000 of Ronald Reagan coins, there are only 750 in circulation. Even if the number was hit by today, still the coin could not reach every citizen that desires to have it.

What Is Contained In the Coin?

For many years, the U.S Reserve has been planning the release of the coin. Following several months even years of numerous consultative meetings, finally the coin is out.

The coin has several features that make it ideally distinctive. One side of the coin has the image of Ronald Reagan, one of the U.S. statesmen that saw good for the country. His fresh image looking to the future makes the .9995 fine platinum coin rare. On the same side, several other things have been incorporated such as the year of release, written in Roman numerals, the American flag, and the famed words “In God We Trust.”

Side B of the Ronald Reagan platinum coin that was designed by Joel Iskowitz, has a rare picture of England’s Queen Elizabeth II. The coin is then given several dazzling fine tunes that make it one of the highly sought commodities of the century.

As rare and precious as it might be, the Ronald Reagan platinum coin will certainly not reach many people. According to the U.S. Money Reserve, it is estimated that even if the 2,000 were produced and circulated today, only those who are customers to the U.S. Money Reserve will be able to have a feel of the coin. No matter what it takes, most citizens would be trying their best to access the historical platinum coin that has images of both the American and England political leaders.

For many people across the globe, the Ronald Reagan platinum coin is not only rare but also possesses the uniqueness that no other coin has. The stark images that showcase the real quality of platinum is another thing that makes Ronald Reagan coin the talk of the world.

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