Update on Squaw Valley Water Contamination

A report was filed against the Squaw Valley ski resort on Nov. 8 regarding the quality of the water on the upper mountain after it tested positive for E. coli and coliform bacteria. Public Relations Director Liesl Kenney has since provided a statement on Nov. 30 expressing that the situation is looking up for the ski resort.


Kenney stated that after an exceptionally heavy rainstorm occurred in October, a new water system that had been installed over the summer had become contaminated. The issue was limited to this particular system and the public never came into contact with the contaminated water. No health issues have been reported since the issue was found.


Placer County Environmental Health and the Squaw Valley Public Service District were quickly contacted after the issue was discovered. Since then, the problem has been dealt with accordingly and will continue to be treated seriously until there is evidence that the water is safe. The water has been routinely treated and has shown only low levels of coliform bacteria in three out of four wells. E. coli has not been detected at all.


Kenney stated that the issue has been taken very seriously to ensure the safety of customers at the resort. Guests still have full access to all facilities except restaurants, which have remained closed. Drinking the water on site has been prohibited, however guests are offered free bottled water as compensation. All customers will be notified when it is confirmed that the issue has been resolved.

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