What Arthur Becker Knows About Strategy

Arthur Becker, managing member of Madison Partners knows quite a bit about strategy. His take on running with a business vertical is that you should have the appropriate strategy before you attempt to execute. Talent is great, but even Becker knows that isn’t enough. Finding talent, and talking talented individuals to your side of the game can happen, but once you get them to work with you, you need to let them do the work. More details can be found on Bloomberg.

Madison Partners LLC, is an investment firm that focuses on real estate as well as Bio Tech ventures. As the former CEO of a digital newsstand, Becker knows what it takes to be competitive in the world of business, meanwhile keeping up with all things digital. Having worked with NaviSite, a company that was listed on NASDAQ, has been a provider of technology services and more. NaviSite has locations around the world, which made it easy for relationships to build on a global level to expand the company. As the senior advisor to the Vera Wang Company, Becker had plenty of experience to take NaviSite, which later became Time Warner in 2011.

Arthur Becker had a love for technology and for real estate, but was working to find a way to marry the two together. Investing in a development of condominiums, Becker knew that he was best able to pursue real estate first before moving forward with technology although he tried to figure out how biotechnology would help him make a solid contribution to the lives of others.

Business running smoothly was dependent mostly on Becker’s vision for investing more in luxury living with condos and other property types in New York. Ultimately Becker’s real passion is for working with people that he respects, and helping them create, organize, and bring their dreams to fruition in any industry. You can visit Crunchbase to know more.

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