Whitney Wolfe’s Bumble Represents the Modern Woman’s Perspective on Dating

Dating is an important part of American culture. When women date they are consciously trying to figure out if a man is the type of guy she wants to settle down with. Most females do make this decision based off dating a man. However, many women want to find more than just a husband and a mate for life.


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Whitney Wolfe understands the world of dating. She has been involved in it for many years. While Wolfe is no longer a single woman, she still understands the struggles that single women must endure. As a modern feminist, Wolfe wants women to know that she is standing in their corner representing perspective on dating.

The CEO of Bumble understands the modern struggle of the everyday female. Women in today’s time want to be adored but they also wanted to be respected, cherished and loved by their men. They also want to let guys who are not a part of their romantic life not to bother them. The fact is that Whitney Wolfe is a feminist, but she does not hate men. As a matter of fact, she loves men and she even married a guy. His name is Michael Herd. Whitney was such a beautiful bride during her wedding that took place late in December of 2017.

Whitney Wolfe wants women to know that she endured a lot of hell from men before she founded Bumble. When Whitney Wolfe was with Tinder she put up with a lot of crap from men. She was sexualized and her contribution to the company was minimalized. These types of situations are not good for women or for any person. Wolfe finally got fed up with Tinder. She took them to court and won a huge settlement. Shortly after this event she started Bumble.

Bumble is a safe place for women. They are the only ones who can initiate a love interest. If a female Bumble profile user is not feeling a man, she can simply ignore him and there is nothing that he can do about being rejected. Females have the control on Bumble and they will forever keep this control. Women appreciate Bumble because it a site that allows them to be in control and to express who they are as females.

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