Why Roseann Bennett Co-Founded Her Nonprofit Organization

Roseann Bennett is an entrepreneur as well as a marriage and family therapist who lives and works in the state of New Jersey. She is a Co-Founder and the Executive Director of the Center for Assessment and Treatment. She works mostly with adolescents and families who are low-income. Her organization helps everyone regardless of their ability to pay and is a charitable organization. Her organization opened in 2010 and over the past eight years hundreds of people have been helped through the services available to them at the Center for Assessment and Treatment.


In addition to managing this organization and having her own caseload, Roseann Bennett is also the president of the Northern Chapter of the New Jersey Association for Marriage and Family Therapy. She says that when she started her career she was an in-home therapist. When she transitioned to providing outpatient, therapy was when she realized what a mess mental health services are. People often have to wait for upwards of nine months to start doing therapy and few mental health organizations were designed to reach low-income families. She wanted to change this state of affairs and so along with her husband her organization was formed. To learn more about Bennett’s successes, check out her profile on Linkedin Here.


When they were starting out Roseann Bennett says that they began conservatively. They got their licenses and then furnished their new office with furniture from their home. They didn’t make use of fancy letterhead or anything that would cost much. They started attending community meetings and had their offices open for six days a week. their hours were from 9 am to 8 pm each day. Roseann Bennett says they did things like look at what their competitors were doing and when they say things they were doing wrong they made sure they didn’t make the same mistakes.


In a Q&A session with Gazetteday, Roseann Bennett says that they will never turn down any client who seeks their services. She says she really loves what she does and wouldn’t be able to do it if she didn’t give the very long hours she works. She says that both she and her husband remain committed to making The Center for Assessment and Treatment a success.


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