Wild Ark: Travel with Heart

Conservation based destinations and eco-conscious travelling are more popular than ever with vacation seekers. With worldwide awareness of global warming and ecosystems being decimated, taking a green vacation is a great way to give back instead of adding to your carbon footprint. Eco-conscious travelers recognize that they by being aware of how they travel, where they travel, and how they behave once they reach their destination they can have less impact on the planet. Some of the top vacation spots with an eye towards eco-tourism are Kenya, Costa Rica and Palau. These countries have made biodiversity and conservation their top priorities when it comes to tourism and have many green based travel opportunities to offer.Learn more : https://medium.com/@wildark


Conservation based destinations can take green travelling one step further. Instead of relaxing on the beach all day, there are amazing volunteer packages that encourage participation in local conservation efforts. For instance, you can help save elephants in Borneo, do rehabilitation work with monkeys in South Africa or work at a bear sanctuary in Romania. Guests have the opportunity to help the community that they are in and to live with the locals for a once in a lifetime experience.Learn more : http://wildark.com/travel/


Wild Ark is a conservation travel company that was founded in 2016 by Mark and Sophie Hutchinson. Wild Ark strives to offer unique travel adventures that offer complete immersion experiences in natural settings. Their mission is to protect the earth for future generations through education and stewardship. Their team includes scientists, conservationists and educators from around the globe.


Wild Ark offers stunning travel opportunities in Botswana, South Africa, East Africa, Namibia, Zambia and Alaska. Whether you want to practice your bush skills for 28 days in South Africa or take a six-day wilderness hike, Wild Ark has something for every traveler. If eco-conscious sports fishing is on your list they have a vacation package in Bristol Bay, Alaska where you will be provided with your own fishing guide. Wild Ark provides the very best in sustainable adventure vacations.Learn more : http://wildark.com/study-the-wild/



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